Wayne Thomas Batson


Wayne Thomas Batson is the Bestselling author of five adventure novels including the fantasy-themed Door Within Trilogy and the pirate duology Isle of Swords and Isle of Fire. His books The Final Storm and Isle of Swords reached Number 2 on the Young Adult Bestseller List. Batson believes his books appeal to so many kids and adults because, at a deep level, we all long to do something that matters, and we all dream of another world.

“When my first book took me thirteen years to write, I realized (the hard way) that Seat-Of-Your-Pants writing just wasn’t for me. Since then, I learned to outline my novels first, and my average is 3-5 months PER BOOK!! But paper and pen outlining is messy and disorganized. Plot elements get lost, pages get put in the wrong file, discarded scenes that suddenly might work after all are gone with the wind, and WHERE WAS THAT FOOTNOTE WITH THE COOL DIALOGUE?! So, as I begin an epic seven-book fantasy series, I knew I needed help. A few well-placed prayers and queries later, I discover SuperNotecard. Now I can outline multiple books at the same time and NEVER lose anything again. SNC has a cool, ultra-intuitive labeling, filing, and retrieving system that just can’t be beat. SuperNotecard rocks because writers need to see the big picture, as well as, the gritty details.”

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