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SuperNotecard Jr

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SuperNotecard helps writers organize their stories, scripts and research. We recently introduced a new type of “Junior” project designed specifically for young writers. Junior projects have the most important features, add the idea of teacher-built templates, and then hide all of the advanced bells & whistles. Like a normal SuperNotecard project, students write sentences on …

Jump Start for Students

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The clip below quickly demonstrates these topics for students: Starting a research paper project Entering source information Recording notes Organizing cards Generating an outline

How to Cite References

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Once you have selected your sources from the library or research database, SuperNotecard is the perfect tool to perform the next two steps in a research paper project: Bibliography: record bibliographic information for each source Take Notes: capture relevant information from sources Bibliography Start your non-fiction SuperNotecard project and jump to the “References” tab. Follow …

Quick Start Guide

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Welcome to SuperNotecard SuperNotecard is modeled around the time-tested technique of using 3 x 5 notecards to organize and prepare written compositions. Traditionally writers used notecards to record facts, jot down ideas, or sketch out dramatic scenes and then organize them. The organizational process includes shuffling the card order, categorizing cards with stickers, and manually …

Export and Import

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SuperNotecard offers many ways to export your project and almost as many ways to import content into a new project. Exporting The first step in a successful export of your written work, is to visit the project settings and choose what items you wish to export. You can elect to export Decks, Cards, Categories, References …

Fun with Deck Display Options

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Organizing your cards and decks and modifying how you visualize them plays an important role in successful writing. SuperNotecard has a variety of options to help. To get started press the Gear button located in the upper right of the deck display. What to Display In the first section of the options is a list …

Getting and Giving Help

Post your questions to the SuperNotecard writing community and get answers. Maybe you have expertise and want to share? Visit the Community forum.