Stewart Brand


Stewart Brand is an extraordinary creative force. He founded/co-founded the Trips Festival (1966), Whole Earth Catalog (1968), Hackers Conference (1984), The WELL (1984), Global Business Network (1988), and The Long Now Foundation (1996). He’s written several books including Two Cybernetic Frontiers (1974), The Media Lab (1987), How Buildings Learn (1994), The Clock of the Long Now (2000). Mr. Brand also started/co-started New Games (1973), CoEvolution Quarterly (1974), Uncommon Courtesy (1982), GBN Book Club (1988), All Species Inventory (2001), and Long Bets (2001) and Seminars About Long-term Thinking (2003).

“SuperNotecard is just what I needed for starting a major nonfiction book. Everything that is headed toward text, from quotes to ideas to deathless prose bits, can be shuffled and reshuffled with ease toward emerging cogency and impact. I am at last freed from boxes of 5×7 cards grouped with rubber bands and paper clips.”

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