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Nancy Hayfield Birnes founded Shadow Lawn Press and cofounded Filament Books, a growing ebook publisher and electronic book club in partnership with eBook Technologies, Inc. and Premier Radio. She is the editor of two editions of the McGraw-Hill Personal Computer Programming Encyclopedia, and has written two cookbooks: Cheaper and Better and Zapcraft. Her first novel, Cleaning House, has been translated into six foreign languages and has been published in nine countries. She is currently a director and the editor-in-chief of UFO Magazine, an international monthly publication devoted to the study of things that go unidentified in the night.

“I was in a comp-lit class at Princeton my senior year, staring down the barrel of my thesis, hardly listening to the lecture, when suddenly the professor went off on a tangent about Vladimir Nabokov’s love of index cards. Index cards! In that instant, my life changed forever. I organized my thesis, which became my novel, and I was in bliss for a couple of years until 1981 when the computer and it’s endless scroll of a text field complicated things all over again. But wait! In 1984 the Mac and HyperCard put things back into sensible order and life was fine until very recently. HyperCard is gone, but SuperNoteCard is here and there is great hope and rejoicing in the land of the organized! If Nabokov were here, he’d neglect Dolores and play with this program instead.”

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