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Jonathan Gornall is a freelance UK journalist, author and former feature writer and columnist for The Times of London. Microwave Man, his laughable semi-autobiographic memoir of a newly single fortysomething male (which for legal reasons he prefers to call a comic novel) was published by Penguin in 2006 and continues to bottom-feed in the Amazon ocean of sunken dreams. Jonathan also works as an investigative journalist specialising in medical and social issues, about which he has written for various UK publications including The Times, the Guardian and the British Medical Journal.

“I kick myself for not discovering SNC before I wrote my last book, but the next one—a non-fiction medical mystery—is shaping up nicely under the auspices of this gem of a program. I have also started using it to compile the notes for the articles I write, squirreling away quotes, facts, references, interview transcripts and so on before they are lost forever in the bowels of my Mac. Finally, the moment comes when the fun research has to end and the dull business of writing can be avoided no longer. And yet SNC makes even writing fun! Each paragraph sits on a separate card and editing a long, complex piece that might spread over ten or more pages of a Word document is a piece of cake when I can see all parts simultaneously in a single view.”

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