Edward Savio


Edward Savio a screenwriter, novelist and director with over half a dozen script sales to major Hollywood studios, including SWISS FAMILY RUBINSTEIN, THE ROYAL PAIN, and BOOK ‘EM. His books include “Idiots in the Machine” and the “The Velvet Sledgehammer”. Edward is completing a feature length documentary entitled “Get a Job!” about his attempts to find the best job in the world.

“Over the years I’ve tried many products to help keep my creative wheels on track. These programs were either foolishly complex, bare bones useless, or assumed all writers wrote the same way. What writers, filmmakers, ad people, anyone who takes piles of disjointed notes and turns them into brilliance need is SIMPLICITY and FLEXIBILITY in a powerful, easy-to-use package. With SuperNotecard I found that. Now I can focus on the writing instead of the program.”

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