Alan Shapiro


Alan Shapiro has been making movies since he was 12, began his formal education at New York University Film School, and launched his career after winning Best Student Film at Cannes. Alan has written and/or directed numerous programs for television including: TIGER TOWN, CROSSING THE MOB, THE BLUE YONDER, and S.E. Hinton’s THE OUTSIDERS. Shapiro also wrote/directed the feature film, FLIPPER, starring Elijah Wood & Paul Hogan, and another for Warner Brothers starring Alicia Silverstone called THE CRUSH.

“I’ve always been primitive about the tools of writing. Because it’s not about the hardware or software. It’s about a good story. Period. However you get there. I type on a 1926 Smith-Corona, flesh out scenes on a legal pad, and structure my story with 3×5 cards on a corkboard.

Until now. With “SuperNotecard for Scriptwriting”, I can have my low-tech cake and eat it too. I can get my corkboard just right — and email it to the producer. Save different versions. And so on. It’s simple, elegant, powerful. I get to keep a foot in both centuries. For me, that’s progress. “

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