SuperNotecard in School

When we first developed SuperNotecard, we focused on screenplay writers and novelists. We soon discovered that the program could be used for educational purposes, so we added elements to make it the ultimate student writing tool, including:

  • An interactive interface that makes organizing ideas a visual, exciting experience
  • An outline generator that easily exports to Google Docs, PDF and Word.
  • An easy-to-use MLA-formatted bibliography generator
  • A platform that allows teachers to oversee their students’ work and progress
  • A feature that lets teachers grade their students’ work
  • A new partnership with Canvas that simplifies student access to SuperNotecard

For students, forming arguments and finding research to back them up is a crucial step in their education. Our goal is to make that process a little simpler and more palatable to foster a passion for writing.

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SuperNotecard can be configured to help organize students, simplify the sign-up process, and provide teachers with administrative privileges to easily review student work. Contact us to learn more about using SuperNotecard in your school.

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