SuperNotecard in School

SuperNotecard can help deliver a digital alternative for student research assignments.

SuperNotecard’s interactive interface makes organizing facts & ideas a visual, exciting experience
Students can arrange their information, generate outlines & easily export to Google Docs, PDF or Word
SuperNotecard helps students document their sources & output an MLA-formatted bibliography
Teachers can monitor student progress and grade their work
SuperNotecard can be linked to Google Classroom or Canvas to simplify student access

Organization is an important part of growing as a student and becoming an impactful writer. Our goal is to simplify that process and foster a passion for writing.

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Pricing Information

SuperNotecard’s Teacher Tools cost $39 and support up to five classes, each with up to forty students. Sign-up to explore a free 14-day trial. E-mail us for more information on school rates.

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Teachers can create classes that give students full access to SuperNotecard.

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Learn how to connect SuperNotecard with Google Classroom or Canvas:

SuperNotecard has allowed our students to complete high stakes research assignments efficiently

SuperNotecard Jr

SuperNotecard now includes a project format that is perfect for young writers. Junior projects offer interactive notecard writing without the complicated extras that advanced research requires. Learn More.

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