SuperNotecard in School

Once students select their sources, SuperNotecard is the perfect tool to perform the next two steps in a research paper project:

  1. Bibliography: record bibliographic information for each source
  2. Take Notes: capture relevant information from sources


Start your non-fiction SuperNotecard project and jump to the “References” tab. Follow these steps to create a new reference that will be used to define your source:

  1. Press the Add Reference button and give the source a basic name.
  2. Next, select the type. Is this source a book, journal, or website?
  3. Use the description area to summarize and assess the source.
  4. To enter the source title, author and publication information, select the “plus” button in the Reference Details bar.
    On the screen that follows enter the information in the appropriate field and press the plus button to build a set of details. Press Save when you are done:
  5. Repeat this process for each source

Take Notes

With your sources defined, now you are ready to record your notes. Record one piece of information on each notecard. Start with the title to briefly summarize the information. Next jump to the description area to enter:

  • Facts
  • Quotations
  • General information or ideas

The final step for each notecard is to attach the source using the “plus” button next to References, along the right.

Manage a Class

SuperNotecard can be configured to help organize students, simplify the sign-up process, and provide teachers with administrative privileges to easily review student work. Contact us to learn more about using SuperNotecard in your school.

Get Started

You are welcome to try SuperNotecard for free. Create an account to start writing with notecards.