Google Classroom Integration

SuperNotecard links to Google Classroom to streamline student on-boarding and eliminate the need to separately manage rosters and courses. Plus, it’s easy to review and grade your students’ writing projects using SuperNotecard’s teacher tools.

To set up SuperNotecard to work with Google Classroom:

1) Sign-in with Google

Teachers sign in to SuperNotecard using the new Google sign-in. Students will do the same.

2) Click to “Start a Class”

Click the orange “Teacher – Start a Class” button. Enter your School Name, the student email address domain, and select Google Classroom.

3) Sync your Classes

Press the “Sync Classroom” button in SuperNotecard to fetch your class information and student rosters.

4) Build your Course

Build your course in Google Classroom and create an assignment with a link to SuperNotecard (

Manage your Google Classes

Configure SuperNotecard to import your Google Classroom classes and students. Simplify the student sign-up process, share templates, check statistics, and easily review student work.

Sign-in with Google for a free 14-day trial. A one-year subscription to SuperNotecard’s Teacher Tools costs $39.