Christopher Hopper

Writer/Recording Artist

Christopher Hopper is a published author, recording artist, record producer, motivational speaker, and pastor. His books include “Rise of The Dibor” and “The Lion Vrie” and he has 9 record albums to his name. His various business and academic interests take him around the globe, perpetuating his desire to have a positive impact on world culture and inspiring people to lead meaningful lives.

“SuperNotecard is like a microwave: after you live with it for only a few weeks you don’t know what you ever did without it. It has streamlined my workflow, kept my outlandish plethora of characters, places, and descriptions organized, and saved me from the dreaded ‘stack-o-napkin-scribbles syndrome.’ I’m incredibly grateful to the creators for providing a true tool, not just a good idea. I’m still trying to figure out how I wrote my first three epic adventure novels without it. An absolute must for any serious writer.”

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