Canvas Integration

SuperNotecard cooperates with Instructure’s “Canvas” to better streamline student on-boarding, provide unlimited access, eliminate the need to configure separate class-groupings of students and to extend your current capabilities as instructors in the learning management system.

These are the main steps:

1) Request a Consumer Key and Shared Secret from Mindola

Please contact us to request a key and shared secret for your school or course. Prices depend on the number of students and courses you plan to activate.

2) Setup SuperNotecard as an External App in Canvas

In Canvas navigate to the Admin console and select Settings from the bottom. In Settings choose the Apps tab and then press View App Configurations. Press Add and choose Paste XML from the configuration type menu. Paste the Mindola codes from above and finally copy the following XML content into the box provided:

The configuration file is also available here.

For example:

3) Create a new assignment in your course that features SuperNotecard as an External Tool

Once SuperNotecard is configured as an External App and available within the Canvas learning environment, you are ready to add it to your Course.

Create a course assignment and click to edit its details. For Submission Type, choose External Tool and then type “supernotecard” and press Find:

Next, choose SuperNotecard (which automatically places the pre-determined external tool URL). Be sure to check “Load in a new tab”: