About Mindola

In 2004 I began to write a book and thought it possible to start at the beginning and write until I got to the end. At about page forty I forgot the name of the boy’s cousin’s neighbor and had to leaf back to find it. Next I went on vacation and forgot what I was writing about and had to re-read the last three chapters. In summary I could not keep track of what I was writing.

Eventually I surrendered and started to build a notecard application to help organize writing projects. I called it Miss Lonelynotes in honor of Nathanael West’s Miss Lonelyhearts. Later, with more features and friendly feedback from the research community, I pushed the program into what became called SuperNotecard.

Jump forward to 2014 and the computer landscape has dramatically changed. Just as writers abandoned their typewriters, they have stretched beyond desktop computers and found new platforms for doing their craft—platforms that fit in purses, join them on the couch or sit on their laps. This change inspired the re-write of SuperNotecard to work on all of these platforms. I invite you to explore the result of this effort and create a free SuperNotecard account.

Jason Block
Founder & CEO

A view of Chicago from a Metra commuter train. Mindola operates from Evanston, a city just north of Chicago.

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